MILD  I slept in this morning so we only had time for Milo for brekkie.   Got our load of Blacks and drove out to the orchard and started work.  It was a good day for picking as it was overcast and mild and the cherries were good.  We had picked 10 by lunchtime including 1 free one that we got after Craig ran over a lug with 3 handfuls of cherries in it.  He gave us one lug in exchange for ¼.

We picked 17 for the day and knocked off about 4 and went home.


SHOWERS  I got up at 5 and cooked up toast and Milo for brekkie.   We went up to the shed and picked up our customary load of black ladies then we drove out to the orchard with thunder heads above. We picked 9 lugs before the skies opened and we decided to bugger off home at about 10:30.  Linda, Gav and I went into town and went to the PO – letters from Helen Bryan and Shane. Got some photos developed then brought some magazines to read. Went to the pub for a shandy then went home. Mucked around the camp and snoozed for the rest of the day.


FINE & COOL.  We got up at 5 and made hot milk and Weet-Bix¹ for brekkie then went up to the shed.  I got a ride round to the orchard with Terry and got the tractor going then drove up and down the road delivering ladders, lugs and advice.  I was joined at 8 by a brat called Craig who works here and is a mealy-mouthed sniveling little wimp. Everyone knocked off at about 12 as the cherries weren’t ripe enough and I went round by myself picking up the last of the lugs.  Went back to the shed and Sean and I spent an hour and a half washing down tractors then Terry and I went out and boxed² some trees. We all went into the Cri³ for Happy Hour – 18 schooners* in 2 rounds!! – then tried to get into the disco but couldn’t.

¹Crispy wheat biscuits, a New Zealand and Australian breakfst staple.
² ie left a pile of empty lugs under each tree ready for the next day’s picking.
³The Criterian Pub in Young.
*A schooner is a beer glass which holds 425ml (15 fl. oz) of beer. The other type of Australian beer glass is the smaller middy which holds 285ml (1o fl. oz.)


CLEARING & RAIN  I woke up at 6 and I looked out find cloudy skies and a cold wind.  So we snuggled down and went back to sleep. At about 8 o’clock the Cherry Head (Joe!)¹ came around to tell us we were working so we all rugged up and drove out to the orchard. It was knee deep in mud!!  Johnny (brainless one) and I were put on collecting lugs with a 4WD tractor and trailer, but when Sean and Luc came and took him and the tractor, I got to drive the old 2 wheel drive tractor round while Kerry Scanlan picked up the lugs. It was a pretty miserable place and the old tractor wasn’t too good in the mud.

¹The orchard foreman, Joe, was a nasty, creepy little man.