V.V. HOT  We got up at 5 and packed up the rest of our gear and had brekkie.  Tom gave us a tank of gas tank of gas and Christine gave us some sammies and 6 cans of Tab and 4 bottles of lemon and bitters.  We said goodbye then drove out to the main road near Manor Park. Linda drove for the first 3 to 4 hours which got us to Augathella then I drove for the rest of the day.  The heat was appalling and we sweated like anything all day. Went through Charlieville (Charlie wasn’t there) then down to Cunnamulla which is an abo shanty town.  Stayed in a grotty motel with a shower that ran hot water from both taps which smelled like rotten eggs¹. The food in the fridge was stale and the mattress was buggered. But it had air conditioning YAY!!


¹The water supply for many Outback towns comes from deep artesian wells. The water is hot when it reaches the surface and is often tainted with hydrogen sulphide, giving it a slight whiff of rotten eggs.

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