HOT Woke up about 7 and packed our stuff at a leisurely pace as we are in no hurry today.  Nothing was open in town so we drove to a place called Parkes we we had brekkie and wandered around for a while.  Drove on down through Forbes and then into Young¹ about 12:00. Rang the cherry farm and got directions out and when we got there we were shown where to camp by guy called Joe.  We had a bit of a fright when we saw that the whole camp was full of blacks which we thought we’re abos but they turned out to be Fijians, very friendly and helpful. They pitched our tent for us and unloaded the car and made us welcome, all the while jabbering away in their own tongue.  We went back into town and deposited our valuables at the bank then went and did some shopping. Chilli mince for tea cooked on our own wee metho² burners then went to bed.

Tent City. The cherry pickers’ camp at Cherry Hill Farm, Young, NSW.

¹Young, a town in central New South Wales styles itself as The Cherry Capital of Australia. Linda and I, along with a bunch of backpackers from all over the world and a dozen itinerant Fijiian fruit-pickers were in the town to work on the six-week cherry harvest.
²Methylated spirits.

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