“…listening to the jukebox and yahooing.”

COLD  As we had been told no picking we slept in till about 8:30 and got up and showered etc then mucked around for a while.  Linda, Sean, Luc, Gavin and I all went into town. Linda and I went to the Post Office and posted Christmas mail and there was a letter from Joe there.  We all went to the pub for lunch and spent about 4 hours there listening to the jukebox and yahooing. We went to Woolies and got a few groceries then went home.

Friends around the campfire, Cherry Hill Farm, Young, NSW.

We cooked up chops and spuds for tea then went up to the other camp for a few wines then we all moved down to our camp for more wines round a huge fire.  Went to bed at about 11 and it was bitterly cold.

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