FINE & COOL.  We got up at 5 and made hot milk and Weet-Bix¹ for brekkie then went up to the shed.  I got a ride round to the orchard with Terry and got the tractor going then drove up and down the road delivering ladders, lugs and advice.  I was joined at 8 by a brat called Craig who works here and is a mealy-mouthed sniveling little wimp. Everyone knocked off at about 12 as the cherries weren’t ripe enough and I went round by myself picking up the last of the lugs.  Went back to the shed and Sean and I spent an hour and a half washing down tractors then Terry and I went out and boxed² some trees. We all went into the Cri³ for Happy Hour – 18 schooners* in 2 rounds!! – then tried to get into the disco but couldn’t.

¹Crispy wheat biscuits, a New Zealand and Australian breakfst staple.
² ie left a pile of empty lugs under each tree ready for the next day’s picking.
³The Criterian Pub in Young.
*A schooner is a beer glass which holds 425ml (15 fl. oz) of beer. The other type of Australian beer glass is the smaller middy which holds 285ml (1o fl. oz.)

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