FINE. Got up and packed the car for the last time. Drove out of Jyndabyne and turned off onto the Buchan Rd. The drive was great. We went over some very steep roads & down

Somewhere in the Snowy Mountains.

some steep climbs and it was a wonder the old shit heap made it¹. We followed the magnificent Snowy River for a time before leaving it to climb the last & steepest hill, Black Mountain, to a height of 900m. The top of B.M. opens out into good farmland. We dropped down Buchan² for lunch then drove down to Bairnsdale³ which we reached at about 3:00. The car was dead!

The NSW/VIC border in the Snowy Mountains.

¹ We were putting oil into the engine every few kilometres!
² Buchan, in the state of Victoria, is famous for its caves.
³ Bairnsdale, in the Gippsland Region of Southern Victoria, was home to our friends the Farquhar family. In 1980, my brother had lived with them for a year as an AFS exchange student and we had maintained contact with them. I had visited Bairnsdale on my trip to Australia in 1987.


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