Got up and mucked around the Hostel for an hour or so until Russ arrived at about 12:00. We decided to drive out to Kingslake National Park¹ for the day. We drove out of the city & stopped for lunch at a place called Hurstville. Got to the park at about 2:00 & went for a

Russ and Ferg, Mason Falls, Kingslake NP.

walk to see the Mason Falls which were quite pretty. Went back to the car and drove up to the top of the park to a “Lookout” which you couldn’t see anything from because of the trees all round it. We stopped at a wee country pub on the way back to the city and got back at about 8:30.

¹ A 23,000 hectare National Park 50 kilometres north-east of Melbourne in the Great Dividing Range.

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