Lacking something to do today we caught the 12:24 train from Flinders Street to Williamstown. The trip out was quite interesting as we passed through the Spencer St¹ shunting yard with their hundreds of overhead wires looking like spiders webs and row upon row of goods carriages sitting on the sidings waiting their turn to be shunted.

The train took us out past Moonee Valley race-course and under the approach to the Westgate bridge, past some of the factories and we are houses in Footscray.

We changed trains at Newport and it took us to Williamstown which is the end of the line. We wandered up a street looking for the main street and as we were passing the warehouse the lovely smell of wool came to us. I looked in the broken window in the place was full of bales of wool and the stuff that woolsheds contain, wool packs, scales piles of wool here & there and other bits & pieces

We wandered up the main street and sussed out which one of the quaint little places we would have lunche in. In the end we had it at the Customs House which is a really nice place. I had kidneys and bacon (YUM!!) and Linda had roast lamb.

After lunch we went across to the harbour & sat at the end of the wharf where the St. Kilda ferry comes in. The mass of the moored yachts were all rocking backwards & forwards in time with the waves coming in and the wind made a high pitch screeching in the rigging of yachts & the mesh fences.

Across the other side of the harbour a huge container ship with “Toyota” written on the side of it was being eased away from the wharf by two tug boats.

We watched the ferry come and go then walked up to a little teashop for a Devonshire tea.

Back at the station we caught the train back to Flinders Street then the Sandringham train which we stayed on to Sandringham and back.

¹ Spencer Street is one of Melbourne’s main railway stations.

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