We left the flat early and went into Leicester Square and watched the Swiss House bell clock do it’s thing at midday. We had a wander around the sleazy and none-too-pleasant smelling streets of Soho then caught the tube to Islington.  With one station to go we were forced to get off the train due to an attempted suicide ahead. We made our way by bus and suicide-interrupted train to a place called Seven Sisters where we sat and waited for 2½ hours as all the trains had been held up by overhead wire damage.  After another train & bus journey, & a taxi phoned from a pub called “The Woodpecker”, we finally made it to our 3:30 interview at 5:30. We had our interview & were more or less told we had the job then we made our way home again by taxi, bus, train, tube, train again, and taxi again.  What a day. I have a cold!!

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