We have been suffering the chaos Pauline and Eddie have caused.  It has been a week since they took over and the whole pub has gone to rack and ruin.  Linda and I are doing twice the amount of work we should be doing while Eddie stands round with a dumb look on his face and Pauline preens herself and tells everybody how “shattered” she is.

But the week hasn’t been all bad. On Monday we biked around the back roads to the little round cottage near Cheshunt with its thatched roof and overgrown garden, then back to the pub by the Beaumont footpath and “Bread and Cheese Lane.”

Location: obvious.

Then on Tuesday, Rene¹ dropped us off at Ray and Joan’s place and we spent a couple of hours there telling them our problems. Then we walked up the street to a pub called The Anchor which is run by a guy from Lyttelton² call Neil Clifford.  We caught a bus up to Broxbourne and went for tea at Maggie’s which was really nice. Relaxed, informal and good food. We caught a taxi from The Bull³ back to the pub.

¹ One of the staff at The Woodman

²Lyttelton is a small port town on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

³ The Bull is a pub in Broxbourne that had a taxi phone outside. We often summoned a taxi from there.

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