We were having a very busy day what with it being Bank Holiday weekend and the weather being so fine and when Bernie and Sue walked in at two we felt a lot better. Bernie had rung up at 10 that morning and said they were coming out and gave us something to look forward to.

It took till about 3:30 to get cleaned up and then we sat and ate the huge roast that Sandy had cooked for us. After lunch we put on our shoes and went for a walk up the footpath to Manor Farm.  Then we walked along the road to Thunderfield Woods where we climbed over the fence and sat in the shade of the woods and talked, mostly about Africa. They told us about things to do and not to do, things to take and places to go.  We sat there for three quarters of an hour or so and found that the afternoon had flown by the time we got back to the Woodman. They left at about 6 after we made arrangements to go and stay with them on Tuesday night.

The evening session was chaos…

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