Sandy gave us a ride down to the station and we caught the train to Liverpool Street.  We spent the day just pottering around, and around lunch time we got on a bus to see where we would end up. We ended up at Surrey Docks, one of the old wharves which have been converted into a boring up- market shopping ghetto. We looked around there for an hour or so and did a bit of shopping (and shoplifting) at Tesco’s and had a horrible plastic snack in one of the horrible plastic snack bars.  We caught another bus which took us on a track through the labyrinth of some of the inner suburbs and deposited us God-knows-where. We caught another bus back to Victoria Station then made our way out to Slough. The buses were as unpredictable as ever, but the main street looked much nicer in the warm evening sun compared to the cold, bleak, windy street we left behind in April. Bernie and Sue made us welcome as usual, and we had a yummy tea and watched TV while they told us about Africa.  We all went to bed at about 10:00.

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