Today is the day we should have left on our trip but that wasn’t to be as I have said earlier.

The morning was cold grey and grizzly. I had a wake up call at 7 a.m. and went round to the Iqbal in the hope of getting a room but it was full up. I wandered around the wet and muddy streets for hour and a half and finally settled on a place called the Hotel Terminal. It was K/SH300 per night (£10) but that is a hell of a saving on the 680’s K/SH840 per night.  We packed our gear and checked out of the 680 and walked up to the hotel terminal on Moktar Daddah Street. It is safe and comfortable and although not as plush as the 680 it will do us.

We had lunch at the cafe on the corner, then relaxed in our room for an hour or so before we set off back to the 680 to see Lynda. She wasn’t there so we decided to go over to the Iqbal and see if Craig and Ian or Skip¹ were there.  On the street a guy came up to us with four carved animals for sale at K/SH300 for all four. After some hard bargaining we bought two of them, a giraffe and an impala for K/SH50. That’s quite a markdown. Another guy in approached us with a beautiful carved elephant he wanted K/SH180 for. Again some hard bargaining ensued and we got it for 40. Not a bad haul.

We found Craig and Ian at the Iqbal and we all want it over to the market. Those two really drive a hard bargain!! We had teas at the African Heritage Cafe then parted company and went to the 680.  Had a few drinks with Lynda then said our goodbyes to her as she is leaving on her trip tomorrow. Walked back to the Terminal and had tea at the corner café.

¹These three guys were members of our overland group. Ian and Craig were English; Skip (we never found out his real name) was Australian.


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