DAY FOURTEEN  Our campsite was pretty wet after the heavy rain during the night. We packed up while a crowd of natives watched us, then headed down the road again.

We had only gone about 5 miles when we came upon a line of trucks backed up behind two trucks bogged in the mud. We all stood round watching the comical efforts of the locals to dig them out, as well as push the odd passing car around the stalled trucks.  After about an hour, they finally extricated the truck that was blocking the road, the other one will be there for weeks, and we went on our way.

A street in rural Uganda.
Village Life, Uganda.

The country became more heavily cultivated as we travelled up into the Highlands and we stopped for lunch near the top of a pass through hills clad in pine trees. We traveled all afternoon until at about 4:30 we pulled into a small quarry and yet again set up camp with a crowd of onlookers. It rained again at night.

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