DAY TWENTY Today was another day of making miles. Our route took us through the Virunga National Park, a large basin set in close against the Rwenzoris¹. We had a cold drink and a snack of ham & cheese in the hotel set in the middle of the park and while we were sitting in the truck a full grown baboon jumped up and, bold as brass, started going through stuff looking for food. A warden chased him off & we posted guards to keep the rest of the troop away.

We drove up to the foot of the hills and had lunch at an observation point then followed the winding road up into the highlands.

We drove non-stop all afternoon and reached the town of Beni about 4:30. We did a bit of shopping in the market then camped in a quarry just out of town after stopping for a beer in the Beni Pub.

¹ The Rwenzori Mountains are a part of the Equatorial mountain chain of Central/East Africa. The mountains support glaciers, rich alpine forests and are one of the sources of the waters that become the River Nile.

Market, Ruwenzori Mountains, Zaire.

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