DAY THIRTY-FIVE At 4:00 AM it started to rain! We hastily shifted camp into a shelter where some of the others were and as soon as we had laid our stuff out it cleared and the rain stopped. Typical!

Scotty, Mike, George, Clinton and Lee had arrived during the night and Mike has got malaria.¹ Apparently he got lockjaw yesterday and Lee & Clinton who are both nurses were all set to give him a tracheotomy when it had relaxed again!!

We spent the day lazing around in the bar and there were some big rain-showers at times. Some of us took advantage of the gallons of water running off the roof to have a shower and wash our hair.

Rainwater showers, Bomba, Zaire.
Rainwater showers, Bomba, Zaire.

After lunch Linda, Snake and I went for a walk up to the river frontage to see if the bank was open but it wasn’t. A huge squall of rain sent us scurrying back to the hotel where we frittered away the rest of the afternoon in an off-hand way.

Congo River Rain.

¹Scotty and Mike, our drivers, had brought the truck down to Bomba by road. They had had a hellish journey on terrible roads. George, Clinton and Lee were hitch-hikers that they had picked up somewhere along the way.

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