DAY THIRTY-EIGHT At 7:00 we finally left the shit-hole that is Bomba. The cashier at the hotel in his haste to rip us off by over-charging managed to fuck up his calculations and under-charged us by 11,000Z instead!!

The day was pleasantly warm as we drove through the dense jungle, following the road as it led away from the great river. In the late afternoon the road led us back to the  banks of the Zaire again at the town of Lisala. Huge, black clouds were gathering overhead and bolts of lightning crackled down accompanied by claps of thunder.

We sheltered in a ramshackle bar for an hour while the rain crashed down then decided that further travel was out and we would look for a hotel. After driving around for 20 minutes we came to the “Hotel Cinquantenaire” which was surprisingly plush considering how squalid its surroundings were. We rented 3 rooms and slept 7 to a room.

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