DAY FORTY-TWO  The monkeys at the rain barrier had told us we wouldn’t be allowed through until 12 p.m. so we were in no hurry to be away from the quarry. True to their word the arseholes at the barrier kept us there until 11 then let us through.

We  drove all day on reasonable roads, through the rolling plains, passing several more rain barriers but none of them were manned and we had no hold ups.

Savannah road, Central African Republic.

At about 2:30 however, another barrier loomed up and this one was manned by 3 armed soldiers(“armed” referring to the two dirty and ill-kept old World War 1 mausers they had lying on the ground beside them!) They laboriously checked our passports then insisted on a thorough search of the truck. They  opened up for the lockers and rummaged through our packs. Our mood was getting pretty ugly but eventually they satisfied the tiny semi evolved brains that we weren’t a bunch of arms smugglers and let us go. We drove for another hour or so then camped in yet another quarry.

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