DAY FORTY-FOUR Showers!!  Cold and smelly but nevertheless wonderful.  After breakfast we went into town and filled in the papers for our Nigerian visas.  Then, we picked up our mail from the Post Office and changed money. Linda and I got letters from Helen and Brian, Barry and Ginny, and two letters and a tape from Joe.  We had a chocolate croissant and a cake at a patisserie then went back to camp. I sat in a comfy chair in the shade listening to Joe’s tape on Russ’ walkman. On it was some excerpts from the Moron Men on ZM FM¹, Monty Python, Radio Caroline (!)²  and Joe talking about various things. It made me feel quite homesick. There was also a selection of news clippings and cartoons including the write-up on the sale of Meikleburn³.

The afternoon was very hot and most of us just sat around in the bar.

¹ A popular local New Zealand radio station
² A really crappy local radio station
³ A farm next door to Dry Creek, the station where Linda grew up and where I had worked as a shepherd.

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