DAY FORTY-SEVEN  Today was the day of the long-awaited Kumuka Olympics.  The games started at 3 p.m. with a boat race followed by egg throwing, then dry oats eating, gumboot throwing, volleyball, a 4-legged race and finally a condom throwing contest in the gathering dark.  Our team of Snake, Bron, Linda and me came last reflecting how seriously we took the games. Some of the others got a bit too serious but that was to be expected as they are wankers anyway!¹

The inaugural (and only) Kumuka Olympics. Bangui, Central African Republic.
L-R: Ferg, Linda, Snake, Bron.

After an… unusual tea of lentils (man) and rice, all the guys walked up the road to a picture theatre where we caught the enthralling piece of cinematography Break It 2: Electric Boogaloo.  What a load of crap it was: French-speaking, Puerto Rican break dancers starring in a cliche ridden movie along the lines of Fame.  A good laugh though and there can’t be a hell of a lot of people who can say that they have been to the movies in Bangui.

After the film we had a drink in a dingy bar then caught taxis back to the camp.

¹ As is often the case with group travel, a number of the participants had become dissatisfied with the way the trip was being run. Stay tuned to read about how this divisiveness plays out.

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