I got up early and went over to the Encounter camp to boil the kettle as we have no wood (it fell off [the wood rack mounted on the back of the truck] on the way up from Garieka) and the gas cooker is broken. I sat over there for 3/4 of an hour talking to some of their team while the water heated up then took it back over to our camp where we ate another meagre breakfast.

After we had done the dishes we went into town with 10 hangers-on from the Encounter truck. Pullar, Linda and I went to the market where a riot was going on at the bread shop. Apparently, they bake a heap of bread then open the shop and sell it all at once until it is all gone. Pullar took the bit between his teeth and joined the pushing, shoving crowd to try and buy some of the staff of life.

Linda and I went and bought some oranges, onions & tomatoes then went back to the bread shop where Pullar was just fighting his way out of the crowd with five loaves.

We left the market and walked down to a cafe where we met Russ, Jo & Bron for lunch. We made a bit of a cock-up when we ordered and ended up getting two main courses each! Luckily, Pete and Rob came along and Pete scoffed 2 of our extras, Rob had another and I picked away at the other two so we got through most of it.

After lunch, Pete, Rob, Linda and I sat in the cafe and talked for an hour or so then walked back to the camp.

Scotty, Linda, pete, Rob and I spent the evening in the bar drinking whiskey and cola.

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