Linda and I got up at 5:30 AM, in the cold and windy dawn, and got breakfast going. We were away by 7:00 and drove the 120 KM to In Salah. Everyone slept or read on the way but there wasn’t much to see anyway except another area of huge sand-dunes, golden in the early morning sun.

We got to In Salah about 12:30 and went straight to the local Turkish bath-house where we scrubbed away 3 months of sweat and dirt in the wonderfully hot water.

After lunch at a local restaurant, we filled up the water tank and our water bottles then headed out of town. With the oasis of In Salah only 10 minutes behind us we got stuck in a patch of damp sand on a track which Scotty realised was the wrong one anyway. We dug the truck out, which was a minor job [compared to our all night efforts in the Congo Jungle earlier in the trip] then re-traced our steps back into town and went out again by a different route.

The truck’s engine mounts were becoming dangerously loose so we stopped at 4;30 to tighten them and made camp.

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