After breakfast, Pete, Rob and I left the other 3 (Pullar, Russ and Jo have pissed off to make their own way and good riddance!) guarding the truck and walked the 5 KM into to town. We checked in at the Police Station where they stamped our passports with entry stamps then we went and changed money at the bank

The town’s shops had a reasonable selection of veges – spuds, caulis, carrots onions, etc – as well as such yummy things as Coke, yoghurt, chocolate bikkies and cartons of orange juice.

We had a snack at a cafe, then, laden down with goodies, we walked back out to our camp amongst the date palms at the frontier.

We cooked up baked beans for lunch over the gas cooker up in the truck out of the wind, then settled down to relax for the afternoon.

Scotty arrived back about midnight.

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