We had a leisurely get-away from the old kiln and headed for Madrid. We stopped for a snack at a rip-off service station then drove into the city amongst heavy traffic. We by-passed the centre of town and got on a motorway heading north and found a camping ground about 10 minutes out.

We booked in and set up camp then drove further up the road to a HUGE hyper-market where we spent 2 1/2 hour buying food for tea and yummies for ourselves. Scotty and Mike bought a shopping trolley full of assorted booze to make a sangria for tomorrow night.

The Madrid Camp

Back at camp, we mixed up the sangria and ended up with about 30-35 litres! For tea we had de-hy¹ chicken supreme² with mashed spuds and cabbage then relaxed in the camp bar for the rest of the evening playing pool.

Your narrator plays a mean game of sticks.

¹The truck carried a supply of dehydrated food in cans for emergency rations. We referred to this stuff as “de-hy” and it was quite revolting.
²”supreme” is the hopeful title given to this pale, amorphous white stew.

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