THE ROAD TO HELL Linda and I went to see Chris Rea at Wembley Arena.

We had arranged for Scotty¹ to meet us at the pub [The Red Lion, where we worked] beforehand for drinks but when he didn’t arrive, we headed out to Wembley without him.

A Road to Hell concert sticker is still on the back of my 1990 diary.

The concert was brilliant. The sound was spot on and he had an amazing light show complete with a live backdrop and a huge satellite that moved around the stage. He played many of his old songs such as Josephine, Passing Through, Stainsbury Girls and Ace of Hearts but the songs that came across the best were those from The Road To Hell [his latest album] as that was what most of the light show was designed for.

The guy is a brilliant guitarist but he hardly says anything on stage. Most of the songs came over very close to the originals. It was a really good evening.

¹John “Scotty” Rattagen, the driver of our African Overland truck the previous year.

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