After work we caught a bus over to Oxford Circus to brave the Easter crowds on Oxford Street.  I went to see Elias Comninos at the Greek Tourist Office to see about changing our flights. He was in his usual state of chaos sitting in his tiny office chain smoking amongst a jumble of files and brochures while the phone buzzed in a continuous stream of enquiries about Greece.  Between cigarettes and phone calls he managed to rearrange our flight as well as tell me some of his problems. I left him reading a list of prices into the phone and walked up Oxford Street to meet Linda. I bought some Easter eggs on the way and found Linda outside the Virgin Records store.

We had a snack in the Virgin Cafe then walked round to Hamleys Toy Store on Regent Street. We spent  a wondrous hour there amongst the dolls puzzles,models and soft toys and the thousands of other neat things to tempt kids of all ages.  Eventually we ended up in Leicester Square. We went to see the brilliant movie Dead Poets Society starring Robin Williams.

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