Linda and I met Lydia and Jen at Oxford Circus.  We walked up Piccadilly Circus and through some of the small back streets then caught an open air tour bus for an hour long tour of the main sights of London. Jen and Lyd found it interesting but Linda and I had seen it all before!

When we got back to Piccadilly Circus we went to the Rock Island Diner for lunch. Jenny and Lydia had to leave at four to get ready for a waitressing job that night, so Linda and I caught a bus back over to the pub. We leafed through a few papers and magazines to find something to do for the evening and decided to go and see Mountains of the Moon, the story of Burton and Speake, the two Victorian explorers who discovered the source of the Nile River. Because it was only the second night of the season, I borrowed Harry’s bike and cycled over to Leicester Square to get tickets in case it was booked out. Leicester Square was busy and after I bought the tickets I watched a busker playing to a big crowd outside the Empire. He was playing an electrified 12-string guitar and doing guitar solos with his voice. It sounded really good, especially when he did Pink Floyd’s song Comfortably Numb.

I biked back to the pub and had a shower then we went down to the bar and had a drink with Harry and caught a bus over to Trafalgar Square. The movie was brilliant: action-packed and beautifully filmed in England and on location and Kenya. When it finished at 11 p.m. we walked back down to Trafalgar Square and caught a bus home.

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