We caught a mid morning bus over to Oxford Circus and did some shopping, the most important of which was at Jessops Cameras where we bought 20 rolls of film¹:

8 rolls Kodachrome 64
2 rolls Kodachrome 200
2 rolls Ektar 125 B&W
8 rolls Konica 100

That lot set us back 83 quid but even so it is still quite a saving.

We had lunch at a vegetarian place then walked up to Covent Garden where we went to a couple of outdoor shops looking for pack straps. After a while we ended up at Trafalgar Square and walked down Whitehall and back home.

Lambeth Palace Gardens

We went over to the park for a practice run of putting up the tent that a guy from the pub has lent us then went up onto the roof of the pub to sunbathe for a while. Later on in the afternoon we took our cameras and headed off to take some photos of London by dusk and night. We walked across the bridge and took a couple of photos of the Houses of Parliament then caught a bus from Whitehall round to St Paul’s Cathedral.

The City of London was nearly deserted at that time of day and we walked down narrow, empty streets away from the ghostly, floodlit bulk of St Paul’s towards the river. When we got to the Embankment we turned left and headed downstream towards Tower Bridge, stopping a few times to take photos.  We crossed London Bridge and caught the Tube back to the pub from London Bridge station via Elephant and Castle. In the evening we watched a trashy Australian movie called High Country.

¹The film was for our upcoming trip to Greece and Turkey.

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