I had a severe headache after last night’s effort so was slow to get going this morning. We did a bit of shopping down the street then at about 12:30 we took Harry’s and Jim’s bikes and cycled over to St. James’ Park where we lay in the shade amongst a sea of white Pommy bodies in various stages of undress!

We made our way over to Hyde Park and I left Linda in a shady spot while I went and bought KFC which we ate while watching the sunshiny activity going on around us.

By the time we had cycled back to the pub we were tired and sweaty so we both had cold showers then set to work packing our stuff, which involved another ruthless session of throwing things away.

About 9:30 we went downstairs for a few drinks then then walked up to the phone-box where Linda rand home and talked to her mother. We settled some details with her about their forthcoming trip to the UK (Linda’s parents were coming from New Zealand to visit in July) and she gave me one of her usual lectures about being careful while we were travelling in Greece and Turkey!

The rest of the evening was spent drinking!

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