LADY ANN, STONEHENGE AND SALISBURY. We set off from Grove House at around 11 after John and I had planted a walnut tree in the field, and drove the 40 or so miles down to the village of Corton near Warminster¹ to meet Lady Ann Blakiston, wife of the late Sir Arthur Frederick Blakiston, the 7th Baronet. We spent about four hours with Lady Ann listening to her chatter about her beloved “Blackie” and the Blakiston family, a subject that both Linda and I are becoming tired of hearing about. 

After leaving Corton we drove up to Stonehenge which proved to be something of an anticlimax. While it is impressive that Neolithic people could have raised the stones its small size was a bit of a disappointment. The place was crawling with tourists so we were content with looking at it from outside the fenced enclosure then drove down to Salisbury to see the Salisbury Cathedral.

Most of the cathedral was closed for renovations so we drove up to Great Wishford to pick up Caroline form the very exclusive boarding school she attends then back to Lydiard Millicent. 

¹ Although we didn’t know it then, Corton would become our home for almost a year.
² See my post The House of Blakiston for a description of my family history.

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