EXIT BRITAIN Kenya Airways flight QF165 took off exactly on schedule at 8:30pm and headed south-east towards Greece. We were in the very back seats of the aircraft, an Airbus A310-300, which was full to the gunwales with mostly young tourists bound for Greece.

We had spent most of the day leisurely mucking around at the pub, packing our final bits and pieces and buying a few last minute things. We also withdrew £1,000 from the bank, leaving the princely sum of £841-00 to survive on when we return to England.

After saying goodbye to everyone at the pub at 4:00pm, we caught the Piccadilly Line (full of stoney, bored faces) out to Terminal Three at Heathrow, where we had a 3 ½ hour wait until boarding time.

Three and a half hours after taking off, at 2.00am local time, we touched down in Athens. The air was warm and sultry as we waited outside the terminal with a bunch of other travellers for a bus into town. Flight QF165 left Athens bound for Cairo and Nairobi around the same time that we were dropped off in the centre of Athens at 3:15am. After an hour of fruitlessly searching for a cheap hotel we booked into an expensive one and crashed out. 

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