We woke up to the sound of the old lady arguing with someone over how much she should have charged for the other room in her house and after we had both had (cold) showers, we packed our gear and left it at the house while we went out to find the camping ground which was about 500 metres from the centre of town. We had a look round and it seemed very nice so we went back to get our gear, stopping for breakfast on the way.

Later on after we had pitched the tent and settled in we walked round the long curving beach and found a quiet spot to sunbathe for a few hours. After an hour or three of sunning ourselves we went back to the camp for a siesta then, as evening was coming on, we went into town to the main area of tavernas and restaurants for tea. 

Our first day in the Greek Islands ended with us watching the burning sphere of the sun sink slowly through a haze of colours into the calm blue Aegean.

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