I went around to Sundial Farm and we began carting hay. After we had unloaded a tractor and trailer-load of hay already there, I drove their MF135 with front-end loader around to a paddock behind a small village about 3 miles away. 

After we had loaded up, we went back for lunch. I had a pint at the Dove Inn at Corton then some lunch at Ann’s cottage. After lunch we unloaded the two trailers of hay and went back for the rest.

After tea we went over to another village called Upton Lovell and carted some hay into a stable for an obnoxious lady, then went on to a village called Boynton to collect some hay from the grounds of a mansion where the Countess-of-something-or-other lives. When we got back to the farm we had a drink then knocked off.

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