I had a hell of a night with asthma and hayfever so I only got about two hour’s sleep. We had a 5:30 am start so I got up at 4:15 am and pottered around the cottage then walked down to the farm through the cool, misty, first light of the day.

We took the tractors up to the paddock and while we loaded up the trailer I watched the beautiful sunrise display spread out in the east. The valley was full of thick, grey mist with only the largest of the trees visible above it. In the sky, the delicate pastel shades of red and orange were spread out across the pale blue background. High above, a jet aircraft arrowed across the stratosphere, it’s a vapour trail curling away in small curves like the signature of an artist daubed in silver on a finished canvas. Soon the scarlet disc of the sun appeared and set light to the furnace of the coming day and before it’s heat, the mist quickly vaporised and disappeared.

We spent the day slogging it out in the heat getting in five loads of straw before we knocked off at 9:30 pm.

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