Ann dropped me off out at the big roundabout just outside Warminster and I got a lift as soon as I got out of her car. That took me 10 miles, to Westbury, then I had to walk for a couple of miles out of town before I got another lift. The bloke was on his way to Wales and dropped me off by the M4 motorway. I made a sign with Swindon written on it and after about 10 minutes on the slip road leading to the motorway, a young guy on his way to take grain samples picked me up. He overshot the Swindon overbridge and dropped me just past the Wootton Bassett overbridge so I had to walk about a mile back along a piece of motorway just being built. A bloke driving a forklift gave me a ride on the running board and when we got back to the Swindon Road overbridge I got off and climbed up the bank and onto the bridge.

It took about 3/4 of an hour to walk around to John and Sally’s place and when I got there no one was home so I sat in the garage and snoozed until they turned up.

I spent the rest of the day doing odd jobs around Grove House and after lunch I took the wee car (a Peugeot) into town and banked £500! I also bought 2 new tapes: Jethro Tull’s new album Rock Island and Natural History: the best of Talk Talk ¹ along with the latest copy of Viz [a smutty and hilarious cartoon comic] and some nasal spray for the bastard of a head cold I had picked up along the way. Back at John and Sally’s I shifted into relaxation mode!

¹I still have both of these cassettes.

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