HITCHING TO SCOTLAND. Sally dropped me off on the outskirts of Cirencester and after about 10 minutes I got a lift with a Welsh guy on his way back from a folk music festival. He dropped me off near Kidderminster and from there I hitched a ride up the M5 in a truck as far as Birmingham.

Another ride with a businessman took me to Preston and then a Scottish guy picked me up and took me all the way to Glasgow. He dropped me off at the Central Railway Station and after a disgusting feed of Casey Jones “food” I settled down in a corner with Tom Clancy’s novel The Hunt for Red October.

At 1:30 am I was rudely awakened by a cop who threw me out of the station which was closing so I found myself on the streets of Glasgow in the middle of the night, nowhere to go and it was starting to rain. Things could’ve been better!

I found some trees to hole up underneath but drunks and nutters were patrolling the area breaking things so I walked back into the centre of town to find the Police Station with the idea that I would be safest sitting on the steps of a police station for the rest of the night. I asked a bloke standing outside a pub (still open at 2:30 am) for directions and he said that he was the owner of the pub and I could doss down at his place. So, after a pint of lager (on the house), I squeezed into his little Scimitar sports car and went out to his place. I slept on the sofa and had quite a comfy night compared to what the steps of the Glasgow nick would’ve been like!

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