RENDEZVOUS I got up I got up at a leisurely 8:30AM and after a shower I packed up and sat in the lounge of the hostel for an hour or so, reading my book and breakfasting on chocolate Hobnobs and a can of Coke – healthy!

After breakfast I threw on my pack and walked into town where I spent two hours sitting in a cafe drinking tea and writing up my diary. Later on, I walked up to the entrance to the Scandinavian Village Timeshare Resort and sat on the ground reading for four hours. When it began to rain I went into the office and asked if I could get into the unit that Helen and Brian had booked for the week. The manager gave me a key and I settled down to wait.

Linda walked in about half an hour later and it was so good to see her. We all got settled and then went out for tea to a restaurant called the Winking Owl.

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