LINDA’S BIRTHDAY.  Linda and I caught a bus over to Oxford Street and I bought her a new pair of shoes for her 23rd birthday. We met Helen and Brian at New Zealand House at 10:30 and we all went over to the Stockpot (a budget restaurant with large, tasty meals) for an early lunch. Quite by chance, we met Mike Dyke¹ outside New Zealand House. He was just back from Africa (Christ! Is it 6 months already since we last saw him?) and we arranged to meet him for a beer tomorrow night.

We spent the afternoon hanging around on the perimeter of the heaving crowds of sightseers around the Tower of London and Tower Bridge while Helen and Brian joined the throng at those places. We met Louis and Jenny in Leicester Square and the 6 of us went for a Chinese meal in Soho to celebrate Linda’s birthday and as a last meal together before H&B leave on Wednesday. 

¹Mike, you will remember, had been one of the drivers on our African overland the previous year.

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