WEDNESDAY 12/9 – MONDAY 17/9 We have spent the whole week hard at work fencing, living rough, and getting steadily more dirty. We haven’t had a shower since Wednesday.

The only thing of interest which has happened to us was being pulled up by the cops on Friday night. They would have done Tim for being drunk in charge of a vehicle, and with the numerous faults with the truck but because we were happy-go-lucky Kiwis and the truck was loaded up with fencing gear, they let us go!

Yesterday we borrowed Rob‘s (the farm owner) VW and went for a Tiki tour over to Plymouth. The weather has been fine and hot, but has autumn drifts nearer the nights are drawing in and getting colder. Today was the first really cold day with a chill wind and a few showers blowing through.

After we finished work we drove down to Totnes intending to have a shower but the officious old cunt at the campground wouldn’t let us in and the swimming pool was closed so we ended up going dirty for the sixth day.

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