TUESDAY 2/10-SATURDAY 6/10 The week shot by once I had gotten into a routine. The job is hard but I guess it is a job and will certainly be a good talking point in years to come!

On Saturday we had to start at 5AM to get as many heads done as possible. So, I had to set out from home at 4:15AM to get to work on time. It was a warm, mild morning with a bright first quarter moon lighting my way as I cycled across the valley listening, appropriately, to Greig’s Morning Mood from Peer Gynt. The village of Heytesbury was silent and asleep and a thin mist drifted with the Swans upon the still water of the Wylye River.

I worked from 5:15AM to 12:30PM then cycled home again. By the time I got home it had turned cold and a howling wind was blowing out of the northwest. I sat outside and fixed the puncture in my bike tire then went upstairs and spent the evening watching TV.

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