“Mao seemed to sum up the essay [ON PRACTICE] when he wrote, “all genuine knowledge originates in direct experience.” It was a struggler’s motto, and rather a good one I thought. Action was everything. It was also a good motto for travellers.” 1

I woke up at 7:30 am with a cunt of a hangover, so I got up and watched TV for a couple of hours. After I dropped Linda off at work I went into Warminster and did some shopping. As well as groceries I bought a new number plate light for the car (£6.30) and some flowers for Tina. I also filled in half an hour browsing in the bookshop.

After Linda finished work we drove in to see Ann and Bet but they were there so we went out to the spewing Pac man (Happy Eater motorway restaurant) for a burger then went back to Betty’s place for afternoon tea.

On Thursday Ann gave us two old family bibles. They are quite old and each has an inscription inside the front cover. The first volume, which is Genesis to Psalms, has the inscription: “Lucy Blakiston from her attached sister Sofia Noel Mackintosh, Sandybrooke, October 1868.

The second volume, Proverbs to Revelation, has the same message but also, on a separate sheet of paper, the inscription “transferred to Horace Mann Blakiston by his beloved mother‘s wish as her death December 29, 1871. First used by him in the pulpit on January 28, 1872. Two Peter 1:15. 

Two Peter Chapter 1, Verse 15 reads: “moreover I will endeavour that he may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance”. Very deep!!

1 This quote, from The Little Red Book, Chairman Mao Tse Tung’s most famous collection of writings, has become the motto for all of my subsequent travels and writings. You can find it on the heading page of this blog and also the heading page of my other blog: https://travelwriterlife.com/ 

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