We went into Warminster and did our grocery shopping first thing and when we got back to the manor where Jenny had arrived. She had come down to stay with us and to do some typing for Diana.

After I had dropped Linda off at work, I went over to the garage at Codford to get the car’s accelerator, which has been sticking, looked at by a mechanic. It ended up only needing a bit of CRC on it in order to free at up. 

After that I went off up to Calne for a job interview. I had placed an ad in the latest Farmer’s Weekly and got two replies: one from a Welsh bloke at Amesbury who sounded a bit of a fly-by-night character, and one from Calne. I arranged to go up and look at the farm.

So, I drove up to Calne and after a bit of a search I found Tucks Farm at Charlcutt on the hills behind Calne. John Hastings and his wife Lorraine farm about 500 acres of flat and rolling country and breed Bleu-de-Main rams. My prospective lambing flock is 400 mixed age ewes running on a block 7 miles away from the main farm.

There are no sheep yards apart from two dilapidated barns on a neighbouring property and a set of makeshift yards. But it is a beautiful piece of land gently sloping down to a small river and with plenty of shelter.

It was 7:30 pm before I got back home and after tea Jenny and I went down to the Dove for a few drinks with Linda.

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