Jenny and I got up at 5:30 and after a cup of tea we set off down to Salisbury for Jen to catch a train to London to go to work. Once I had dropped her off, I drove back home and went back to bed for a couple of hours.

Juliet and Lydia at Shaftesbury.

Linda went off to work at 10:30 and Lyd, Juliet and I packed up some sammies and a bottle of wine and set off for a drive. We drove down through the Deverills and up over the hills with heavy squalls of hail, rain and driving wind periodically obscuring the bare, wintry landscape.

A Picnic in Eric.

We followed random backroads and eventually ended up near Shaftesbury. We had a picnic in the car as it was too cold to sit outside, then drove up into the village for a look. Bright bursts of sunlight alternated with showers of light hail as we explored the narrow streets looking at shops and catching occasional glimpses of the countryside through gaps in the buildings.

After an hour or so in Shaftesbury we once again followed random backroads stopping for a glass of port at a cozy, crowded pub. It took us about half an hour or so to drive home and when we got there Lydia and Jules packed up their stuff and headed off up to Gloucester. I watched TV all evening.

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