BAD ISCHL It must have been a combination of the fresh clean mountain air and the noise of the mountain stream rushing by outside the window that kept us asleep until 10:30 a.m. We got up and after showers we went out into the still overcast day. We were out of money and none of the banks in town could give us a cash advance on the Visa card. We were told that the town of Bad Ischl, 20 km away, was the nearest place where we could get money.

So we caught a Post Bus down the lake and an hour later we were in Bad Ischl. The banks were all closed for lunch, so we sat in a cafe and had a piece of sacher torte each along with a Coke and then walked around town looking in shop windows.

The bank came across with 3000 Australian shillings and we set off back to Hallstatt on the next Post Bus. When we got back we had a snooze for an hour or so we went out to meet the Aussie chap, whose name was David, and his girlfriend Leanne. They were both pretty dizzy but we spent quite an enjoyable evening with them eating pizza and drinking beer and wine.

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