TO PARIS We broke camp early and walked up to the centre of town, stopping on the way to the station to buy some pastries for petit dejeuner.  We caught a train back up to Dijon and then booked tickets to Paris. Because our tickets from Chalon-sur-Sôane hadn’t been punched, we bullshitted that we hadn’t used them and got a refund!

The trip to Paris took about 2 hours and we ended up at Le Gare du Lyon. We decided to go out to the youth hostel at Arpajon instead of trying the expensive and probably full City hostels so we made our way to Le gare d’Austerlitz and waited with a Guatemalan guy who was also going out to Arpajon. There was a railway workers strike in progress that day so it was a long time before a train pulled into the platform but eventually we got out to Arpajon and found the hostel.

We pitched the tent then went round to the town centre with an Aussie girl and a couple of Poms for a beer. We also bought some food to cook up for tea.

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