Curse of the Traveller


Throughout our travels, both Linda and I took photographs. I used slide film almost exclusively while Linda used negative film.

My slides reside in a sealed container in our basement. One day I might get them digitised so I can bore people with Powerpoint slide shows, but for the purposes of this blog I have exclusively used scanned copies of photographs taken by Linda.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

Firstly, whenever I insert a photograph of text or pictures from the actual pages of my diaries, I have taken these with my phone.

Secondly, where there are no photos with which to illustrate the text, I will sometimes take a screenshot from Google Streetview or Google Maps. Whenever I do this, the photograph will have a credit underneath it. For instance, the photo below is a screen capture of The Walrus pub at 171 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1, formerly The Red Lion where we worked as bar staff during the winter of 1989-90.

(Photo: Google Streetview)

Linda’s photographs form an integral part of this six-year blog project. They not only help to illustrate the events and places we experienced on the road, they also break up the text and make the blog posts more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

So…thank you Linda for documenting our travels with your photos.

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