THURSDAY 24 OCTOBER – “WANT FELUCCA…” We spent all day organising a felucca trip. Down on the riverfront we were surrounded by a crowd of boat owners all hissing “want felucca?”  We’d had been given the name of a captain (Captain Chanabu) by the manager of the Grand Hotel in Luxor but when we began asking around for him, everybody suddenly became “Captain Chanabu.” It was like the crucifixion scene at the end of Monty Python’s Life of Brian: “I’m Brian [Captain Chanabu]! I’m Brian! I’m Brian and so’s my wife!”

Eventually, we settled on a boat called Nice and it’s Captain Eden and we arranged a price of E£60 each including food. There were only four of us but we were confident we could get a couple more people in time. We also arranged to go for a sunset cruise around Elephantine Island.

We had checked out of the Mena Hotel first thing that morning and moved to a cheaper place, but now we went back down there to see if there had been any replies to the note that we had left on the notice board looking for extra people to join us on our felucca trip down the Nile. Three German girls were interested but they thought the price was too expensive when we told them. However we ran into a couple of Kiwi girls from Alexandra and they were interested so, presto, we had our 6 people.

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