Not much happens in Tanga and there is nothing to see. It took us 2 hours to do all our business and walk around town, change money, book tickets to Dar-es-Salam for Friday, and find out about buses up to Lushoto before we were back at the hotel.

The old place still retained the ambience of the Colonial era, although these days the Colonial atmosphere is somewhat hangdog. We were shifted out of the room we’d spent the night in to an upstairs room with a balcony, set with two easy chairs and a table. The room itself had two single beds with mosquito nets, an old oak dresser, sideboard and wardrobe, and a fan. We sat out on the balcony drinking beer (not very nice beer!) then repaired to the beds for an afternoon nap.

In the evening we went for another walk around town, pausing after a while to sit on a street corner to eat a Crunchie bar each and say “Jambo” to people.  We dined at a place called Patwa’s Restaurant on chicken and chips, then returned to the hotel where we sat out on the lower verandah while the German girl, whose name was Caroline, talked to the chairman of the local council.

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