It took an hour of tramping around the busy streets in the morning to find the Indian High Commission where we were told by the bureaucrat behind the front desk that it would take two weeks to get a visa. Fuck that….we’ll get them in Nairobi on our way to Pakistan.

The dhows were nonexistent, so we bought tickets for one of the ferries, which cost us $10US each. Then we went back to the bus station and booked tickets on one of the luxury buses to Mbeya for Saturday. The cost was 2500 shillings each, and the driver told us that it would take 15 hours, so it is therefore much quicker than the train and half the price.

We took a random path back to the hotel, through the hot, crowded backstreets of Dar es Salaam, and rested for the hottest part of the day.

We went for beers at the Agip Motel in the evening, then had tea at a place we found last night called Happy Snacks Limited: “YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR HAPNESS.”

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