FRIDAY 22 NOVEMBER After only a couple of hours sleep, we were up and packed. Then we walked up the beach in the bright moonlight. The tide was coming in, and there were a few people walking in from the tidal flats where they had been harvesting seaweed.

We joined up with four other travelers from another villa, who were also returning to Zanzibar Town, and sat on the steps of the house while we waited for the bus driver to arrive. The bus left at 2:00 AM with much tooting of the horn and revving of the engine, and bounced its way through the darkness back to the other island. It was six o’clock when we arrived back in Zanzibar Town, and Linda and I went straight round to Flamingos Hotel again.

Later in the day, we went out and wandered around the streets, looking at  the sights, and in the evening we met the four other travelers from Bwejuu Beach for a beer at the New Africa Hotel where we all watched the sun go down.

Linda and I ate at Dolphins Restaurant again.


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